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AWB Bookcase Bridge (-BR2) 60"W x 16"H x 12"D

# M/O-AWB-60x16x12-BR2
 Arthur W. Brown
AWB Bookcase Bridge (-BR2) 60"W x 16"H x 12"D
Arthur W. Brown Bookcase Bridge (-BR2) 60"W x 16"H x 12"D; Center divider; no adjustable shelves; comes with a mounting strip and screws to secure to side pieces
Price: $189.00
Wood Species* (Required)
AWB Finishing (modifies base price and some options)* (Required)
Arthur Brown products can be stained or painted for an additional fee and includes a hard clear top coat of satin (#20 sheen) lacquer. Click to view the standard Arthur Brown finishes or select the custom paint color option and choose from thousands of Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint colors. NOTE: Some Arthur Brown colors have the same name, but are different from the Woodcraft colors. This option also increases the cost of some other options, such as door kits.
Custom Dimensions
Use this option to order a piece with one or more custom dimensions (to the nearest 1/4"). If modifying the depth, first choose the next highest depth available and then enter the desired size in the text box.
Style* (Required)
Choose a style option. Face Frame and Federal styles have no crown moulding. See examples on the Arthur Brown Bookcase Styles page.
Depth* (Required)
Choose a standard depth. To get a custom depth, choose the "Custom Dimension" option to add the customization cost, select the next largest standard depth, and use the text box to enter the size you want to the nearest 1/4 inch. The minimum depth available is 6.5 inches. The cost of this option increases if you select a finishing option.
Crown Moulding Configuration
Not applicable to Face Frame or Federal styles without crown moulding. Crown moulding can have different configurations as shown on the crown moulding modification diagram. Crown will increase the width of the top. For Face Frame Crown or Federal Crown styles, it adds 1.5 inches per side (3 inches with moulding on both sides). For the Shaker style, it adds 3/4 inch per side (1.5 inches with moulding on both sides). For the Regal style, it adds 1 inch per side (2 inches with moulding on both sides).
Deluxe Moulding Options
Deluxe crown option only applicable to Face Frame Crown and Federal Crown styles. Deluxe base moulding option applicable to all styles except Shaker and Regal. Deluxe Crown adds an additional 3/4"H piece of decorative moulding to the top of the crown moulding, increases the overall height of the piece by 3/4" and extends 2" from each side. Deluxe Base adds moulding to the bottom of the piece and extends 3/4" from each side. See the bookcase options page for examples.
Add Deluxe Crown Moulding  $47.00
Door Options
Choose to add doors to the side compartments. See the bookcase options page for examples and available door styles. Glass doors are standard, but other styles are available at no additional cost.
Add Side Compartment Doors (-BR3)  $133.00
Customizations and Notes
Use this field to specify custom dimensions or any other notes.