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Arthur W. Brown Custom Bookcase and Furniture Styles

Arthur Brown products are made in New York and must be shipped separately from other manufacturers' products. If you order products from multiple manufacturers, there will be a separate shipment charge for each.

Arthur Brown Face Frame and Federal bookcases have no moulding or separate finished top (the top is part of the frame). The width and height will be exactly as specified. However, styles with crown moulding will add width to the piece. Add 1.5" per side for Face Frame Crown and Federal Crown, add 3/4" per side for Shaker Crown, and add 1" per side for Regal Crown.

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Distinctive Features of Arthur W. Brown Bookcases, Cabinets, Entertainment, and other Furniture:

  • Solid-wood shelf edges: All AWB bookcases and cabinets come with 1/2" thick solid moulding on the front edge of the 3/4" adjustable plywood shelves. Although the shelves are very sturdy, you also have the option to purchase double-thick 1.5" shelves for the most demanding applications.
  • Narrow face frames: AWB bookcase face frames are 1.5" wide, compared to 1.75" wide on Woodcraft bookcases. This provides a slightly wider opening in the front.
  • Inset doors and drawers: AWB bookcases have doors that are inset into the face frame (e.g. they do not overlay the frame).
  • More partition options: AWB bookcases can be made with multiple partitions for use a cubbies or smaller storage areas.
  • Deluxe moulding options: AWB bookcases with crown moulding can have an additional 3/4" thick piece of decorative moulding added to the top or have base moulding added to the bottom.
  • Halogen Light Kits: AWB bookcases can have installed black or white halogen lighting at the top.
  • Drawer Support: AWB bookcase drawers have corner and center supports underneath for additional support for wide drawers.
  • Roll-out shelves: AWB bookcases can have roll-out shelves added with full-extension drawer slides.
  • Roll-out trays: AWB bookcases can have roll-out trays added with full-extension slides.
  • Glass shelves: AWB bookcases can have 1/4" thick glass shelves added or wood shelves can be converted to glass.
  • No-VOC finishing option: AWB finishing with no emissions (10% extra). Click for info about the ML Campbell Agualente product.