BR21: Kitchen Base Recycling Cabinet, 21"w x 34 1/2"h x 24"d

# BR21
 Woodcraft Industries
BR21: Kitchen Base Recycling Cabinet, 21"w x 34 1/2"h x 24"d
One door, One drawer, Two 35-quart plastic cans; Door comes mounted to the trash bin assembly; No depth or width modifications
Price: $450.00
Cabinet Wood Species (modifies base price and cost of some options)* (Required)
This option also increases the cost of other options such as custom dimensions.
Door & Drawer Front Style (modifies base price & cost of some options) Click to see examples
Other Door Options
Change to full-height door with no drawer  $-32.00
Door Top* (Required)
Not available on Mission or Mitred Doors. Click to see examples
Drawer Slides (1)* (Required)
Stain-Grade Side Upgrades (Base)
Optional: This option changes the type of material used on the sides of the cabinet from Birch plywood to Maple, Oak or Cherry. The side will still be recessed 1/4-inch from the front corner. Click to view example of front corner joint. An alternative is to use a separate end panel.
Finishing Services
Optional: Do not choose a finishing option if you want unfinished cabinets. With this option, the cabinet front (but not the toe kick area), doors, and drawer fronts will be stained or painted and may also have an additional glaze applied. If you select any stain-grade side or interior wood upgrades, these surfaces will also be stained or painted. Three glazed finishes (Caramel, Merlot, and Hazelnut) are standard options, but any stain or paint color can have glaze added (but please request a sample door to see how it will look).
Finishing Color Selection
Optional: Do not choose a color if you want unfinished cabinets. If you choose a color, you must also select a "Finishing Services" option above. To view the available colors, go to the Catalog page and download the PDF file for your type of wood or click on this link to the finishing services page for a quick look at the colors. Painting is not available on Pine cabinets since the knots may show through.
Customization Notes
Use this field to specify custom dimensions or any other notes about the cabinet if the options available are insufficient. Not all customizations are possible, so please see the Cabinet Options page for details.