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Why Order Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets?

Few companies offer a wide range of finishes for their products, so you have to take what you can get, even if it does not exactly fit your existing decor or isn't really what you want. With unfinished wood, you can create all kinds of custom designs using wood stains or the paint colors of your choice. You can match the style and finish of existing furniture or create your own entirely new look. A wood stain and a polyurethane finish can be applied with just a brush or roller. They can also be painted in solid colors and finished off with polyurethane for protection. However, applying a glaze to provide a custom faux finish takes skill and practice. If you are willing to learn, you will be able to create all kinds of dramatic effects. For the best looking cabinets, consider buying a professional-quality "low-pressure high-volume" sprayer. This will deliver a superior smooth finish with no brush or roller marks when painting or applying polyurethane. Click here for instructions on applying stain. If you plan to paint your unfinished cabinets, we recommend selecting Maple wood because it has the least amount of grain, compared to other species, and is a nice, hard wood.

Unfinished cabinets require some minor attention to prepare for finishing. For instance, you may need to use some extra-fine sandpaper to remove any hanging strands of wood from the comers. You should also wipe the wood down with a damp cloth to remove any wood dust still on the surface. There will also be unfilled nail holes that will require filling with wood putty, although any such holes will be very small. In some cases, the wood may contain minor defects that can quickly and easily be corrected with sandpaper or wood filler.