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Furniture Options

Wood Species

Furniture is available in several species of wood. However, not every style is available in every type of wood. Below is a breakdown of what is available.

  • Cottage: Pine, Maple & Oak
  • Camden: Maple & Oak
  • Hampshire: Pine, Maple & Oak
  • Provincial: Pine, Maple, Oak & Cherry
  • Shaker: Pine, Maple, Oak & Cherry
  • Fluted: Pine, Maple & Oak
  • Vintage: Pine, Maple, Oak & Cherry
  • Value: Maple & Oak
  • Classic: Maple & Oak
  • Armoires & Wardrobes: Pine, Maple & Oak
  • Country: Pine, Maple & Oak

Banded vs. Solid Tops

Some pieces come with either banded or solid tops or offer a choice. Banded wood tops are generally a 3/4" thick piece of furniture-grade plywood, while the solid wood tops are 1-1/4" solid hardwood.



Hardware Options

You can choose from wood, pewter, antique brass, or brushed nickel knobs on the following collections:

  • Hampshire
  • Provincial
  • Fluted
  • Vintage
  • Value
  • Classic


Vintage and Fluted Hardware Options

Door Panel Conversion

You can convert the standard door for most pieces to a flat panel, raised panel, beadboard, louver, or glass panel. Doors 35" or shorter have one panel. Taller doors will have two. Pricing is as follows:

To flat panel, raised panel, beadboard, or glass:
Convert 1st & 2nd panel: $18 per panel
Convert more panels: $9 per panel

To louver:
Convert 1st & 2nd panel: $36 per panel
Convert more panels: $18 per panel

Add a cathedral arch: $9 per panel

Add mullions to glass: $18 per panel

Door Options

Some items have a choice of door options. In the entertainment section, there are options for the following door types, which are shown here

  • Bi-fold
  • Raised panel bi-fold
  • Wrap flat panel
  • Wrap raised panel
  • Pocket

Glass & Lighting Options

Some items in the Living & Dining section have an option for glass shelves and lighting or for "deer glass," which has images of deer in the glass. They are shown here.