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Shipping and Delivery

Delivery Timelines

Orders are sent to the factory as they are received, confirmed and paid in full. 

Shipping Options

You will be notified by email when your order ships via freight carrier and the carrier will call to arrange a delivery appointment. 

Option 1: Have your items delivered via UPS. This only applies to doors and other small items that are small enough to meet the UPS weight and size guidelines for a regular package (which is 105 inches or less in length plus girth before we package it). 

Option 2: Have your items delivered to your home or business anywhere in the continental US. Cost: varies based on the size of your order and the distance from the factories in Pennsylvania or New York. Check your shopping cart to see the shipping cost and please see the chart below. Canyon Creek orders, which are shipped from Washington state, have a flat $100 shipping cost for states in the Northeast (ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, WV and OH). For other states, we need to obtain a quote.

NOTE: If you place an order with items from two different manufacturers (e.g. Woodcraft and Arthur Brown or Canyon Creek), there will be two shipping charges since they are sent from two different locations. We will contact you if this is the case or you can place two separate orders.

UPS Shipping Quotes

In general, if the item is 105 inches in length plus girth or less (before packaging), it will be fairly inexpensive to ship, but there may be an extra charge for "dimensional weight" if the cubic size of the package (LxWxH) is more than 5,184. If it is is more than 105" and less than or equal to 149 inches, it is considered a large package, which we will not ship since it increases the cost and risk of damage. Kitchen wall cabinets the following sizes or smaller will be small enough after packaging and thus acceptable to ship via UPS: 24"W x 30"H x 12"D, or 21"W x 36"H x 12"D, or 18"W x 42"H x 12"D

Return Policy

All products are built to order and cannot be returned for a refund. Orders can only be cancelled if we receive notice with sufficient time to stop the manufacturer from starting production. Please check your order to ensure you have not made any mistakes. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact customer service before placing the order or request that we review the order and select the payment option “invoice.”

Freight Receiving and Claims Instructions

3. The freight carrier has acknowledged the receipt of this shipment from our facilities in GOOD CONDITION. By your acceptance of the shipment from the carrier on the bill of lading, you acknowledge that the product has been delivered in GOOD CONDITION. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage if you give the carrier a clean and clear receipt.
4. If any shortages or damages are discovered upon delivery, MAKE A NOTATION FOR DAMAGE AND/OR SHORTAGE ON THE BILL OF LADING with a representative from the carrier present before accepting the order and INCLUDE THE DRIVER'S SIGNATURE.
5. If there is a significant amount of damage, you can refuse to accept the shipment and notify us so we can have it returned to the factory for replacement.

Claims for Shortages or Damages

You must receive the shipment in accordance with our shipping and receiving guidelines, and you may be required to submit information verifying the damage. These guidelines are set by our freight carriers, so failure to comply will result in loss of compensation.
1. Unconcealed damage and/or shortage: Claims can be made only when it is indicated on the freight carrier paperwork AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. The claim must then be reported to us by fax or e-mail within three days. Claims will not be approved without the proper paperwork signed by the Customer and the Transportation Company.
2. Concealed damage: Claims for damage that was not visible during delivery must be made within three days of delivery. To substantiate claims with the shipper, we require photos of the damage and the product must be made available for inspection by the carrier if needed. 

What to Expect When You Receive Your Order

Please note that unfinished cabinets or furniture may require some minor attention to prepare it for finishing. For instance, you may need to use some extra-fine sandpaper to remove any hanging strands of wood from the comers. You may also want to fill in any visible nail holes with wood putty, although any such holes will be very small and almost unnoticeable. In some cases, the wood may contain minor defects that can quickly and easily be corrected with sandpaper or wood filler. We will not accept returns due to such minor issues since they are easily corrected and the cost of replacing the item is very high. We will attempt to correct other defects in the least expensive manner, to include supplying replacement parts, if applicable.

Major defects or damage caused by the freight carrier that cannot be easily corrected will quality for replacement. If you discover such defects or damage, we require that you fill out a damage claim and provide clear photos of the damaged parts.